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Voxtrot Setlist -Emo’s March 28th, 2008 – Austin, Texas
Saturday March 29th 2008, 2:16 pm
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With the stage as my desk, a damp cocktail napkin as my paper and a stubborn blue bic pen: the Voxtrot setlist.

The highlight of my night (my month?): Ghost.
These words you hear from your ipod, your car stereo, your computer speakers, the headphones at your desk…then standing an arm’s length from those words and the person that felt the same way you feel when he wrote them down. It’s aww-inspiring.

Voxtrot Setlist -Emo’s March 28th, 2008 – Austin, Texas
1. Firecracker
2. Rise Up in Dirt
3. Kid Gloves
4. ?
5. ?
6. Your Biggest Fan
7. Ghost
8. Soft and Warm
9. ?
10. Raised by Wolves
11. ?
12. Brother in Conflict

First Encore:
Wrecking Force

Second Encore:
The Start of Something

?=new songs

I am learning how to be lost completely. I want to be found. We crave the things we push away. These patterns cut like every day.

Voxtrot – Ghost
from Voxtrot (self titled), 2007

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