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First Night of SXSW 2008- rabbits, guitar drums and bull blasters
Thursday March 13th 2008, 10:16 am
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frightened rabbit indie band

Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper
from The Midnight Organ Fight, 2008
(no video as of yet)

And what a splendid choice that was. Frightened Rabbit put on an awesome show. I got the chance to talk with the band’s lead singer, Scott Hutchison, and was pleased to know that the band had a humble, insightful, down to earth front man that I could make laugh (which is extremely important to me). He seemed to be full of energy despite spending hours upon hours traveling before the show. I complemented him on the passion he put into the performance and he said it best- “If you have energy, it gives the crowd energy.” Period. The head bobbing definitely increased as the set progressed.

He said he liked Texas and after my “Austin is a lot different than Texas” comment, he said he has heard this several times (fyi- don’t tell people this, because someone else is already out there saying it…a lot). He commended the exposure SXSW provides for bands from around the world. The band members are from small towns, yet are regarded as being out of Glasgow, Scotland.

The band he is most looking forward to seeing? “I really like The Black Keys”. He also commented that he doesn’t really listen to other people’s lyrics. I guess when you write your own, listening to other’s is secondary.

Hipsters! After commenting on the influx of hipsters in Austin these past few days, I was pleased to hear that he was not one of them nor had any plans of morphing into one anytime soon. “It’s like seeing a fancy car, you don’t want to look because you know that’s what they want. Their pink pants.” (he laughs).

On that note, checkout Hipster Olympics (I suppose I am a bit guilty of having some of these hipster-esque qualities):

Other highlights of the night’s events:

Feeling like a tourist in my own town for brief periods of time…”Excuse me, pardon me, do you know where Maggie Mae’s is?”…

Trying to move a guy from blocking the free water station and being mistaken for someone wanting an autograph (who was that guy anyway?).

Watching Kaki King and getting motivated to pick up my guitar again and possibly learn how to use it as a drum set.

Kaki King – Playing with Pink Noise

Metting up with AFOM and getting into PureVolume rock-star-style (Is it legal to serve red bull and vodka at 3am? Yes, because it’s a private party.)

Getting handed a Stella on the street from a drunk girl that all but fell out of a white escalade, “Hey, you want a sip?”

Walking home at 4am and waking up at 9 the next morning, ready to do it all over again. :)

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