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Five Questions Never to be Answered by Santogold
Thursday May 29th 2008, 11:29 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

santogold hype

Santi vomits gold glitter! And people are either waiting in line to scoop it up, or too busy polishing the “I believe in Santogold” bandwagon to notice. Before joining the masses or skipping the train, one must first get some answers…

Five Questions for Santogold

1. If you had to classify your music under a “Sounds Like” category, where exactly would you put it?
That one popular song L.E.S. (Lower East Side) Aristes* sounds a lot like Tegan and Sara, but then most of your songs like Creator sound a lot like M.I.A.. I’m going to guess M.I.A., since you had the same producer and that’s what most of your stuff sounds like. Wikipedia says you may opt for an eighties icon instead.
“White’s style has been compared often to that of M.I.A.. Santogold said of the comparison: ‘We’ve worked with some of the same people and have similar influences. But the way we go around implementing those influences are very different, and I am in no way influenced by what the press are saying.’ Additionally, some of Santogold’s material has been compared to that of the Pixies, which Santogold agrees with.”

2. How do you, and eight other people, write a Lily Allen song?
(See Lily Allen-LDN)
This is what I’m imagining…[Setting: Conference room, bright fluorescent lights]
“Ok, from the top people”…When you look with your eyes *dry erase marker squeaks* everything seems nice, but if you look twice…*Santi raises hand*..”You can see it’s all lies?” That’s it people! We’ve got ourselves a pop radio hit! Starbucks anyone?…

3. How much does Joe Simpson, owner of “Papa Joe Records”, pay a songwriter these days?
(See Ashlee Simpson-Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya))
I’m asking because in this PopJustice article you talked about Ashlee Simpson eating cookies from a silver platter while you wrote for her, and how you can’t turn down things like that because it’s business. Quote: “Come on. It’s just money“. But then there’s this WorshipWorthy article from 2007 where you said, “I’m too broke to shop.” Please explain. Are clothes in Brooklyn just that damn expensive?

4. Are you an Indie artist, or a Major Label artist?
Your Santogold MySpace page says Indie, and every Indie blogger and their paid advertisers are calling you “the next big Indie thang”. Yet in this article by The Phoenix the author writes “an artist emerges out of nowhere with a major-label debut that is exceedingly polished, yet with a foot in a burgeoning underground scene”. Then in this PopJustice article when asked, “Are you enjoying the privileges of being signed to a major label?” your retort was, “It’s a machine. You get in and they are ready to go. It was easier for me because I didn’t have to make the record, it was pretty much done and they already loved it.” You did go on to say that if you had to change anything you’d say “f**k it”, so that part was okay. Anyways, so what is it, Indie or Major?

5. Did you get free Bud Light Lime for doing that commercial? And if so, what did you use it for?
I won’t get too into the indie artists commercial thing, what with many others doing the same (see: Mates of State- AT&T, Hum-Cadillac, Of Montreal-Outback, etc. etc.). But Bud Light…with a splash of 100 percent lime flavor? Ewwww.

*Disclaimer- This song, and its video and lyrics are pretty tight.
Santogold – L.E.S. Aristes
from Santogold, 2008

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