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Ova Looven – Lust for Svirda (Eschers Reflexion Remix)
Saturday May 03rd 2008, 1:30 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2007

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Ova Looven – Lust for Svirda (Eschers Reflexion Remix)
from 58:34 Remixes, 2007

Ova Looven – Lust for Svirda (Eschers Reflexion Remix) Lyrics
How long, could this really go on?
Some things need testing.
Nothing comes from the waves of the radio.
And, that’s so typical.

It doesn’t matter how far I drive.
And everything that catches my memory’s eyes.
This is for the resisting mind.

All the microscopes I own.
I couldn’t find the words that are stuck in the memory.

Green lights, fills up the windows of my car.
Drive so much faster.
Trees fall, over me like a waterfall.
Feel so protected.

All the animals live outside.
Don’t you think they’d feel the weight of a suicide mind?
If they did, they’d grieve like us.

Like a roller coaster ride,
you never know it’s over until your memory lies.

I know you see me, but I can’t see you.

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