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Elemental Zazen – Handcuffs
Tuesday May 27th 2008, 1:38 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

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elemental zazen handcuffs

Politics and religion: the two no-no conversation starters that quickly create varying paths for our words and beliefs to go down. These paths are usually bumpy and narrow, with forks in the road that people aren’t willing to follow, and stop signs that are ignored from the slow lane with no turn signal. There are trust issues that continue to grow in regards to facts and opinions created by world and religious leaders and our over-used, commercialized tv sets. On that note, this song’s message and video imagery has raised some eyebrows. They can either go up, or down.

Excerpt taken from the video entry: “The son of international school teachers, Elemental Zazen was born in the US and raised in Al Taif (Saudi Arabia) and Beijing (China). Despite growing up in vastly different countries, Zazen saw a similar pattern of injustice everywhere he called home. Unwilling to accept a system that produces inhumane poverty and opulent wealth side-by-side, Elemental Zazen focused his fury into his 2008 album “The Glass Should Be Full”.

Elemental Zazen – Handcuffs
from The Glass Should Be Full, 2008

Elemental Zazen – Handcuffs Lyrics
Sick children on television wishing
someone would just give them some money
so they don’t have to be the victim
Behind them Christian televangelists
make it the mission
deny the aid unless they kneel and pray submission
Jesus saves,
as long as you pay the bishop for permission.

Repent the fact that you’re abused
by the human condition
There’s room for addiction
in every lower class tradition
Masking friction between
so called “masters” and the “wicked”
Poverty’s fingers reaching everyone
without forgiveness
At least if you’re not white
or in line to inherit riches
Everyone witnesses what is and isn’t fiction
And goes home at night denying
that they contributed to the sickness
White people act like they’re not racist
cause they have a friend that’s black
Or cause they’ve struggled
with their economic situation
Blaming minorities for what they call “complacence”
Facing openly racist conversations by administrations
The expectation that the jail is always waiting
breeds hatred
making reparations the logical compensation
First step is equalizing education,
so the concentration camps we call the ghetto
are home to more than desperation.

Throw your motherf***ing hands up!
If you wanna see the president in handcuffs.
If you think television has no answers.
If you’ll never be a slave to the cancer.

The elected are puppets, figurines,
speakers for the invisible leaders of the regime
Felons who live on selling the american dream
Scaring the people with evil extremes till they scream
I’ve seen armies of human machines
march in green fatigues
Fight for the love of the blood
and their obscene beliefs
Ignoring others that grieve
brother and mothers receive
A punishment that exceeds all
but the wickedest greed
Never a choice to concede
we’d rather struggle to breathe
Fight till we drown and recede
than sit around and mislead
I’ll spit a round in the seed
of who’s not down to defeat
delete clowns and the sheep
till we surround the elites
Show them the aftereffects
of all the taxes and debts.
All the iraq’s that reflect,
the way their facts are suspect.

I’ll be unmasking the threat the everlasting regret
Those little bastards will get
when we start blasting the set

Throw your motherf***ing hands up!
If you wanna see the president in handcuffs.
If you think television has no answers.
If you’ll never be a slave to the cancer.

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