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Bottle Up and Go – Wayward Son
Monday August 04th 2008, 9:42 pm
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Bottle Up and Go MySpace
Bottle Up and Go Website

Bottle Up and Go – Wayward Son from These Bones, 2008

Bottle Up and Go – Wayward Son Lyrics
This is more than just the blues, its depression.
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know what to do.

I got so thirsty,
I fell down the well.
Went to sleep in my bed,
I woke up in hell.
I reached for the bottle,
but nothing was left.
I reached for my baby,
my baby was dead.

This is more than just the blues, its depression.
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know what to do.

Oh mama I’m home,
your wayward son,
but all my trials have just begun.
And I know I’ve done wrong
but I’ll make it right.
Just give me the strength
to last the night.

Keep a gun in my pillow.
I don’t understand,
why I always wake up
with a gun in my hand.
I love my baby
but her body is cold.
Seems like my liquor
is the only thing…

The DJ versus the Singer: How Donna Hightower Made Me Despise Sonny J (without knowing it)
Thursday July 31st 2008, 4:36 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

There’s a lot of confusion as to what defines a DJ these days. Well, I’m confused anyways. The official definition says “a disc jockey (also known as DJ or deejay) is a person who selects and plays prerecorded music for an audience, evidently.” This would be a Samantha Ronson-style DJ, clicking a button on her Mac between tracks, Marlboro reds and Lindsay Lohan. Then on the other hand you have DJs like Girl Talk, who has been known to sport an “I’m Not a DJ” t-shirt. He plays prerecorded music, but it’s original music that he’s created by mixing together several pieces of other prerecorded music. On the other side of the spectrum you have DJs like RJD2, that are also musicians. He creates original tracks by using samples from other sources plus music that he’s created using various instruments. (Side Note: After seeing his sold out show back in April, it’s safe to say that the masses would prefer he spin, rather than sing). Where am I going with all of this? I’m not sure, but I’m angry and I have a bone to pick (and I’m not even a meat eater). If you’re using other music to create your own, then give credit where credit is due regardless of which type of DJ you are.

If someone uses a song to create their own track, it’s out of respect for the original creator that credit is given. All of the sources of Girl Talk’s tracks (see: Girl Talk Wiki) are cited, and some of these popular remixes include samples of over twenty songs. So why is it that when a single song is used, you rarely see any cred given to the original singer?

Case in point: I heard this song (below) a few months back and after watching the video my initial reaction was, “Who’s that white girl? Great voice, great lyrics, I want her albums!” (YouTube commenters seem to share the same opinion). If you haven’t seen this video in all of its MTV-style cheesiness (aka: a “funny” intro, a dramatic song pause and a “to be continued”), then take a gander and a listen to see if the same question enters your mind:
Sonny J : Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)
from Disastro, 2008

After watching this, I did some digging (the word “some” being an understatement). I did a lyrics search only to find that the actual singer is not the hot white girl, it’s Donna Hightower. After checking the YouTube video page once more, along with Sonny J’s website and MySpace page, I couldn’t find a single reference to the original song that sounds almost the same, but even better (scroll to the very bottom to listen for yourself).

About a month after my findings, I checked Sonny J’s MySpace page again to see if any credit had finally been given to the singer only to find the following post:
Date: Tuesday, June 03, 2008

“big thanks to everyone who has supported sonnington through the power of myspace or wherever . you should be able to buy or steal ” handsfree” from most record shops from the 9th, just likes i dids with donna hightower’s tune. this is funk legit. so,git yo asses in gear n …. happy shoppin’ folks…”

So the subject line was okay, but I’m not digging his use of poor grammar and misspellings or the fact that he admits to stealing the song: “just likes i dids with donna hightower’s tune”. I also don’t dig the fact that not only does he use a lame-ass MySpace post as his only outlet for prop giving, but he also has a dancer lip-synch Donna’s song in that lame-ass video.

In closing, if you’re going to throw a few beats in something and then label it as your own, at least give credit to the original creator! …and learn how to f’ing write a sentence, yo.

So, here is some credit to you, Donna Hightower. Listen to her songs, watch her videos and then go buy Donna Hightower records.

donna hightower
The only bit of information on the singer I could find is the following from Ron Wynn at All Music Guide:
“Little” Donna Hightower had a dynamic, big voice and made some fine shouting records for Decca and RPM in the ’50s. Unfortunately, she never landed any hits, but that wasn’t due to any lack of skill. She not only had range and power, but was equally compelling doing sentimental, soft ballads. She was backed by the orchestras of Horace Henderson and Maxwell Davis on the Decca and RPM material, respectively.

Enjoy. :)

donna hightower records

Donna Hightower – This World Today is a Mess

Donna Hightower-Kiss Me (Bésame)

Donna Hightower – Stormy Weather

Donna Hightower – If You Hold My Hand

Donna Hightower – If You Hold My Hand Lyrics
If you hold my hand, things won’t be the same.
If you hold my hand, things are about to change.
Summer’s gone, spring is gone, life goes on and on and I’m just bored to tears.
If I could find a little space to paint a smile upon my face and hide the years.
If winter comes and I’m around to see the snow upon the ground, what can I do?
When I don’t have the will to fight,
the coldness of the summer nights are the darkest blue.

Girl Talk – Let Me See You
Sunday June 22nd 2008, 2:58 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

Girl Talk MySpace
Girl Talk Wikipedia

Click the link below to pay-what-you-want for a download of:
Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

Girl Talk – Let Me See You
from Feed the Animals, 2008

Girl Talk – Let Me See You Tracklist
0:00 Donna Summer – “Bad Girls”
0:00 Cameo – “Word Up!”
0:02 Dem Franchize Boyz – “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It”
0:15 Gwen Stefani – “The Sweet Escape”
0:30 Bizarre Inc. – “I’m Gonna Get You”
0:30 R. Kelly with T.I. and T-Pain – “I’m a Flirt”
1:13 Daft Punk – “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”
1:15 Fleetwood Mac – “Gypsy”
1:15 Tone Loc – “Wild Thing”
1:30 Trina – “I Got a Thing for You”
2:15 Rick Ross – “Hustlin’”
2:18 Justin Timberlake – “LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude”
2:22 David Bowie – “Rebel Rebel”
2:44 2 Live Crew – “I Wanna Rock”
2:44 Busy P – “Chop Suey”
2:50 DJ Funk – “Pump That Shit”
2:58 The Jets – “Crush on You”
2:58 M.I.A. – “Boyz”
3:13 The Cranberries – “Dreams”
3:42 Michael Jackson – “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”
3:42 Bachman-Turner Overdrive – “Takin’ Care of Business”
3:52 Chicago – “Saturday in the Park

The Hood Internet – Belonging It Up (Lykke Li versus Hercules & Love Affair)
Saturday June 21st 2008, 11:01 am
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The Hood Internet MySpace
Lykke Li MySpace
Hercules & Love Affair MySpace

the hood internet vs lykke li
Click image to download THE HOOD INTERNET vs LYKKE LI free mini-mixtape (while available)

Lykke Li – Breaking It Up VERSUS Hercules & Love Affair – You Belong

The Hood Internet – Belonging It Up, 2008

Immuzikation – Highly Selassie (DangDiDiDangDad)
Sunday June 08th 2008, 5:22 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

Immuzikation MySpace

immuzikation highly selassie

Immuzikation just released another awesome blend called “Highly Selassie (DangDiDiDangDad)“. The new track mixes My Morning Jacket’s “Highly Suspicious” with Common and Pharrell’s “Universal Mind Control”. For those that don’t know the genius behind Immuzikation (aka. Alfredo Lapuz Jr.), think Girl Talk with more Indie tracks and less nineties pop hits.

From Immuzikation’s Blog entry on the new track posted last night, “there’s a large mmj fanbase here in athens (who are they again?) and they like requesting highly suspicious. i saw a flyer for an evil urges listening party the other day (who are they again?). i know i already used highly suspicious before, but umc was a better fit. i made this right before my gig last nite and touched it up this morning. i honestly didn’t want to spend too much time on highly, i donated enough of my brainpower on the last one. this one’s better though. dang dad!

Immuzikation – Highly Selassie (DangDiDiDangDad Blend)
from Probly Normal (unreleased), 2008

Download Immuzikation – Highly Selassie (DangDiDiDangDad) mp3 from SheenaBeaston (while available).

Other Immuzikation Favorites:
* Fish Tacos (ExtraTartarBlend)= Coldplay vs. Weezer vs. Cut Copy vs. The Blow vs. M.I.A. vs. Reading Rainbow (see Immuzikation MySpace)
* Sweet Young Angel= (Feist – When I Was A Young Girl) + (Burial – Archangel) + (Jens Lekman – A Sweet Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill)

Immuzikation – Sweet Young Angel
from Probly Normal (unreleased), 2008

Download other Immuzikation mp3s (including Sweet Young Angel) from BBQChickenRobot (while available).

The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
Tuesday June 03rd 2008, 8:08 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

The Airborne Toxic Event MySpace
The Airborne Toxic Event Wikipedia

the airborne toxic event

I’m a sucker for strings and lyrics, and broken hearted love songs. This one gets props for all three….

The band’s self-titled, debut full-length album was released on August 5, 2008 on Majordomo Records.

The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight

The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight Lyrics
And it starts, sometime around midnight.
Or at least that’s when you lose yourself
for a minute or two.
As you stand, under the bar lights.
And the band plays some song
about forgetting yourself for a while.
And the piano’s this melancholy soundtrack to her smile.
And that white dress she’s wearing
you haven’t seen her for a while.

But you know, that she’s watching.
She’s laughing, she’s turning.
She’s holding her tonic like a cross*.
The room’s suddenly spinning.
She walks up and asks how you are.
So you can smell her perfume.
You can see her lying naked in your arms.

And so there’s a change, in your emotions.
And all these memories come rushing
like feral waves to your mind.
Of the curl of your bodies,
like two perfect circles entwined.
And you feel hopeless and homeless
and lost in the haze of the wine.

Then she leaves, with someone you don’t know.
But she makes sure you saw her.
She looks right at you and bolts.
As she walks out the door,
your blood boiling
your stomach in ropes.
Oh and when your friends say,
“What is it? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Then you walk, under the streetlights.
And you’re too drunk to notice,
that everyone is staring at you.
You just don’t care what you look like,
the world is falling around you.

You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You know that she’ll break you in two.

* The correct lyric is indeed “cross”. See here for the explanation from Mikel (lead singer/guitarist).

Five Questions Never to be Answered by Santogold
Thursday May 29th 2008, 11:29 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

santogold hype

Santi vomits gold glitter! And people are either waiting in line to scoop it up, or too busy polishing the “I believe in Santogold” bandwagon to notice. Before joining the masses or skipping the train, one must first get some answers…

Five Questions for Santogold

1. If you had to classify your music under a “Sounds Like” category, where exactly would you put it?
That one popular song L.E.S. (Lower East Side) Aristes* sounds a lot like Tegan and Sara, but then most of your songs like Creator sound a lot like M.I.A.. I’m going to guess M.I.A., since you had the same producer and that’s what most of your stuff sounds like. Wikipedia says you may opt for an eighties icon instead.
“White’s style has been compared often to that of M.I.A.. Santogold said of the comparison: ‘We’ve worked with some of the same people and have similar influences. But the way we go around implementing those influences are very different, and I am in no way influenced by what the press are saying.’ Additionally, some of Santogold’s material has been compared to that of the Pixies, which Santogold agrees with.”

2. How do you, and eight other people, write a Lily Allen song?
(See Lily Allen-LDN)
This is what I’m imagining…[Setting: Conference room, bright fluorescent lights]
“Ok, from the top people”…When you look with your eyes *dry erase marker squeaks* everything seems nice, but if you look twice…*Santi raises hand*..”You can see it’s all lies?” That’s it people! We’ve got ourselves a pop radio hit! Starbucks anyone?…

3. How much does Joe Simpson, owner of “Papa Joe Records”, pay a songwriter these days?
(See Ashlee Simpson-Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya))
I’m asking because in this PopJustice article you talked about Ashlee Simpson eating cookies from a silver platter while you wrote for her, and how you can’t turn down things like that because it’s business. Quote: “Come on. It’s just money“. But then there’s this WorshipWorthy article from 2007 where you said, “I’m too broke to shop.” Please explain. Are clothes in Brooklyn just that damn expensive?

4. Are you an Indie artist, or a Major Label artist?
Your Santogold MySpace page says Indie, and every Indie blogger and their paid advertisers are calling you “the next big Indie thang”. Yet in this article by The Phoenix the author writes “an artist emerges out of nowhere with a major-label debut that is exceedingly polished, yet with a foot in a burgeoning underground scene”. Then in this PopJustice article when asked, “Are you enjoying the privileges of being signed to a major label?” your retort was, “It’s a machine. You get in and they are ready to go. It was easier for me because I didn’t have to make the record, it was pretty much done and they already loved it.” You did go on to say that if you had to change anything you’d say “f**k it”, so that part was okay. Anyways, so what is it, Indie or Major?

5. Did you get free Bud Light Lime for doing that commercial? And if so, what did you use it for?
I won’t get too into the indie artists commercial thing, what with many others doing the same (see: Mates of State- AT&T, Hum-Cadillac, Of Montreal-Outback, etc. etc.). But Bud Light…with a splash of 100 percent lime flavor? Ewwww.

*Disclaimer- This song, and its video and lyrics are pretty tight.
Santogold – L.E.S. Aristes
from Santogold, 2008

Santogold Wikipedia
Popjustice – Chocolate Chip cookies on a Silver Platter
Worship Worthy – The Confessional: Santi White
Santogold MySpace
The Phoenix – Santogold
Bud Light Lime – Juicy Twist – Featuring SANTOGOLD!
Clash Music – Santogold: Hard Not to Fall in Love Overnight
Pitchfork – Santogold Record Review

Elemental Zazen – Handcuffs
Tuesday May 27th 2008, 1:38 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

Elemental Zazen MySpace
Elemental Zazen Website

elemental zazen handcuffs

Politics and religion: the two no-no conversation starters that quickly create varying paths for our words and beliefs to go down. These paths are usually bumpy and narrow, with forks in the road that people aren’t willing to follow, and stop signs that are ignored from the slow lane with no turn signal. There are trust issues that continue to grow in regards to facts and opinions created by world and religious leaders and our over-used, commercialized tv sets. On that note, this song’s message and video imagery has raised some eyebrows. They can either go up, or down.

Excerpt taken from the video entry: “The son of international school teachers, Elemental Zazen was born in the US and raised in Al Taif (Saudi Arabia) and Beijing (China). Despite growing up in vastly different countries, Zazen saw a similar pattern of injustice everywhere he called home. Unwilling to accept a system that produces inhumane poverty and opulent wealth side-by-side, Elemental Zazen focused his fury into his 2008 album “The Glass Should Be Full”.

Elemental Zazen – Handcuffs
from The Glass Should Be Full, 2008

Elemental Zazen – Handcuffs Lyrics
Sick children on television wishing
someone would just give them some money
so they don’t have to be the victim
Behind them Christian televangelists
make it the mission
deny the aid unless they kneel and pray submission
Jesus saves,
as long as you pay the bishop for permission.

Repent the fact that you’re abused
by the human condition
There’s room for addiction
in every lower class tradition
Masking friction between
so called “masters” and the “wicked”
Poverty’s fingers reaching everyone
without forgiveness
At least if you’re not white
or in line to inherit riches
Everyone witnesses what is and isn’t fiction
And goes home at night denying
that they contributed to the sickness
White people act like they’re not racist
cause they have a friend that’s black
Or cause they’ve struggled
with their economic situation
Blaming minorities for what they call “complacence”
Facing openly racist conversations by administrations
The expectation that the jail is always waiting
breeds hatred
making reparations the logical compensation
First step is equalizing education,
so the concentration camps we call the ghetto
are home to more than desperation.

Throw your motherf***ing hands up!
If you wanna see the president in handcuffs.
If you think television has no answers.
If you’ll never be a slave to the cancer.

The elected are puppets, figurines,
speakers for the invisible leaders of the regime
Felons who live on selling the american dream
Scaring the people with evil extremes till they scream
I’ve seen armies of human machines
march in green fatigues
Fight for the love of the blood
and their obscene beliefs
Ignoring others that grieve
brother and mothers receive
A punishment that exceeds all
but the wickedest greed
Never a choice to concede
we’d rather struggle to breathe
Fight till we drown and recede
than sit around and mislead
I’ll spit a round in the seed
of who’s not down to defeat
delete clowns and the sheep
till we surround the elites
Show them the aftereffects
of all the taxes and debts.
All the iraq’s that reflect,
the way their facts are suspect.

I’ll be unmasking the threat the everlasting regret
Those little bastards will get
when we start blasting the set

Throw your motherf***ing hands up!
If you wanna see the president in handcuffs.
If you think television has no answers.
If you’ll never be a slave to the cancer.

Ratatat’s Video – Mirando
Friday May 23rd 2008, 6:08 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

Ratatat MySpace
Ratatat Wikipedia
Ratatat Website

Ratatat, the guitar/synthesizer duo out of New York City, just released their single for “Mirando” off their new album LP3 due out on July 8th. The (unofficial?) video for Mirando also came out today. I’m digging this video, a lot. Of course, I’m also a big fan of explosions, slow motion, old war movies…oh, and seeing governor schWARzenegger in the jungle.

Ratatat – Mirando
from LP3, 2008

Download Ratatat – Mirando mp3 at Spinner (while available).

See also:
Ratatat – Nostrand
Ratatat – Shiller
Buy Ratatat – Shiller here, the first single from LP3 (released on May 6th).

Death Cab for Cutie – Narrow Stairs – Album Out Now
Tuesday May 13th 2008, 9:35 pm
Filed under: Indie Music 2008

Death Cab for Cutie MySpace
Death Cab for Cutie Wikipedia
Death Cab for Cutie Website

death cab for cutie narrow stairs
Cover Art by EE Storey, who also designed albums for Tegan and Sara, Melissa Ferrick and St. Vincent.

Death Cab for Cutie released their seventh studio album “Narrow Stairs” today. While making the album, Death Cab producer and guitarist Chris Walla said this of Narrow Stairs, “thus far it’s pretty weird and pretty spectacular, lots of blood. It’s creepy and heavy.” In a Billboard interview he went on to use the word weird once more, “It’s really weird. It’s really, really good, I think, but it’s totally a curve ball, and I think it’s gonna be a really polarizing record. But I’m really excited about it. It’s really got some teeth. The landscape of the thing is way, way more lunar than the urban meadow sort of thing that has been happening for the last couple of records. It’s also louder and more dissonant. I think abrasive would be a good word to use.” In an interview with lead singer Ben Gibbard he said the album was something they enjoyed making, and felt that this time they had nothing to prove.

Rave reviews from the majors:
MTV: “Unquestionably the best thing Death Cab has ever done.”
Rolling Stone: “A dark, strangely compelling record that trades the group’s bright melancholy for something nearer to despair.”

Death Cab will be making a stop at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas with Rogue Wave on June 17th during their tour (no Austin dates this time around). I’ve seen Rogue Wave twice this year, but where’s the Austin Death Cab love? …Road trip it is.

Death Cab for Cutie – Narrow Stairs – Tracklist:
1. Bixby Canyon Bridge
2. I Will Possess Your Heart
3. No Sunlight
4. Cath…
5. Talking Bird
6. You Can Do Better Than Me
7. Grapevine Fires
8. Your New Twin Sized Bed
9. Long Division
10. Pity and Fear
11. The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Buy Death Cab for Cutie – Narrow Stairs