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Lo-Fi ’09
Friday July 10th 2009, 12:03 pm
Filed under: Environmental Issues,Indie Music 2009

lol fi 2009


Lo-fi (Low Fidelity)= A term used to describe music in which the sound is of a lower quality than the usual standard. The qualities of lo-fi are usually achieved by either degrading the quality of the recorded audio, or using certain equipment.


LO-FI! All the cool kids are doing it! With emo fashion in 70′s time warp (dare I say, 50′s?), it comes as no shock that lo-fi is the new black of indie music.

The mouse-clicking-nerd-at-his-computer-desk that remixes several good songs, into one good song, is now being overshadowed by the comeback of original songs and traditional instruments. Remember those?…acoustic guitars…snare drums. Yes, these instruments may still sit at the feet of the mouse-clicking-nerd-at-his-computer-desk *that also sings!*, but damn these little gems do sound good. (GarageBand, the Apple recording software that boasts the tag line “Musicians wanted: No experience necessary”, is used by Nathan Williams of WAVVES to record songs *see Spin’s “Hot New Band: Wavves”).I personally respect artists that play their own instruments, but I also like any song that sounds good regardless of how it was made.

The fact that lo-fi indie songs are gaining so much popularity over the past few months doesn’t baffle me. What has me scratching my head in a Homer doh!-like fashion, is the abundance of “THEY SUCK LIVE!” comments being spewed by Indienites all over YouTube vids and blog posts. It’s like saying “Dude, he sucks!” after watching a performance from the Chipmunk rapper. You know the guy… he’s been featured in popular radio rap hits like Akon’s-”Lonely”, and he just scored a hit role in the indie world with Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”. Yes, he even sings in different languages! Does this high-pitched vibrato-voiced rodent ever sleep? He could sell out stadiums! That is, if he were a performer, and not a popular method of vocal distortion…

In a nutshell (pun-intended): Support the lo-fi band you like by purchasing their albums or going to their shows and having a sing along, but don’t expect their performance to “sound the same” live. Listening to lo-fi in the 2000′s is like getting a new shirt that looks like it’s from the thrift store: It feels a bit pretentious, but people are buying it (myself included).


My Top 5 Fave Lo-Fi Songs at the Moment:

Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)
Trailer Trash Tracys – Strangling Good Guys
Smith Westerns – Be My Girl
WAVVES – Friends Were Gone
The Mayfair Set – Desert Fun

The “Right Now It’s Freezing” Mix
Monday December 15th 2008, 8:49 pm
Filed under: Environmental Issues

damnits cold

Sufjan Stevens – Sister Winter

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

The Album Leaf and Bright Eyes – Hungry for a Holiday

The Deadly Syndrome – Winter in You

Au Revoir Simone – The Winter Song

Under the Radar Protest Auction
Wednesday October 01st 2008, 12:31 am
Filed under: Environmental Issues

under the radar protest issueThe Under the Radar Protest Auction started today on eBay. From the people at the fine indie mag: Here’s your chance to take home an ultra-rare piece of rock memorabilia: each protest sign created for The Protest Issue of Under the Radar has been autographed and will be auctioned off via eBay. All proceeds will be donated to the War Child organization. War Child is dedicated to providing urgently needed humanitarian assistance to war-affected children around the world. War Child helps generate awareness, support, and advocacy for children’s rights everywhere. So you can own something really cool AND make a difference! Please join us in helping to support this wonderful organization.

st vincent under the radar protest sign

- St. Vincent

Auction Also Features Signs By:

Akron/Family · Billy Bragg · British Sea Power · Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse · Built to Spill · Jarvis Cocker · Chuck D · Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips · Death Cab for Cutie · Britt Daniel of Spoon · The Dears · The Dresden Dolls · The Duke Spirit · Elbow · Fleet Foxes · Foals · Michael Franti of Spearhead · Sharon Jones · Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and The Justice Tour · Talib Kweli · Les Savy Fav · Jamie Lidell · Colin Meloy of The Decemberists · Metric · My Brightest Diamond · My Morning Jacket · Peter Moren of Peter Bjorn and John · Neon Neon · Noah and the Whale · OK Go · Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley · Rogue Wave · Shout Out Louds · Sons and Daughters · Stars · Michael Stipe of REM · Supergrass · Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie ·Tomas Young from the documentary film Body of War

under the radar protest auction

Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death
Tuesday May 06th 2008, 8:06 pm
Filed under: Environmental Issues

Stop Canada’s Seal Hunt! This song has no correlation to the issue at hand rather than the double meaning of the word “club”, yet before pushing my environmental issues and concerns on others I do like to provide some background music. “Back in the day” I used to listen to this song during the aftermath of a long night out. Now, I can’t help but to think of slaughtered baby seals. :(

Click on the image below to find out what you can do (and do it!)

stop canada seal hunt

Shock pictures: Is this what the Canadian government means by ‘humane’ slaughter?
From the Daily Mail article: “The great tragedy of the slaughter is that it was stopped 25 years ago, following a ban on the import of seal pelts into the European Union. But the Canadian government eventually found a loophole and ruthlessly exploited it. Five years ago, the cull re-started with a vengeance when the authorities ordered the battering to death of a million baby seals. Since then, another 1.5 million baby seals have been slaughtered- almost one-third of the seal population. Every year, British and European politicians have rushed to condemn the slaughter. Yet every year they have failed to take concrete action.”

Rob Dougan MySpace
Rob Dougan Wikipedia
Rob Dougan Website

Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death
Clubbed to Death Single, 1995

Is DDT causing CCD? And what’s next, tree museums?
Wednesday March 19th 2008, 7:54 pm
Filed under: Environmental Issues

colony collapse disorder
Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT, now. Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees. Please.

I heard this song from the seventies last night and couldn’t help but to instantly think about pesticides and the perplexing disappearance of the over-worked and under-appreciated honey bee.

Although DDT isn’t directly listed as a cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, pesticides have been included in the list of factors that may be to blame for honey bee loss.

“Colony Collapse Disorder (or CCD) is a little-understood phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive or Western honey bee colony abruptly disappear. From 1971 to 2006, there was a dramatic reduction in the number of feral (wild) honeybees in the US (now almost absent); and a significant, though somewhat gradual decline in the number of colonies maintained by beekeepers. However, late in the year 2006 and in early 2007 the rate of attrition was alleged to have reached new proportions, and the term “Colony Collapse Disorder” was proposed to describe this sudden rash of disappearances. The cause or causes of the syndrome are not yet well understood. Theories include environmental change-related stresses, malnutrition, pathogens, mites, pesticides, radiation from cellular phones or other man-made devices, and genetically modified crops with pest control characteristics.”

(Excerpt from Colony Collapse Disorder)

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?

“The steady increase in beekeeper migration has masked the issue of pollinator decline from much public awareness, however sudden blocks to such migration could have catastrophic results on the global food supply.”

(Excerpt from Pollinator Decline)

Bees aren’t the current root of rising food costs, but one day, perhaps? Until then we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they don’t keep hopping in that big yellow taxi with Joni Mitchell’s old man.

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