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Aug 27-30th – Drew Smith @ Momo’s 9 Year Anniversary Show
Friday August 07th 2009, 12:10 pm
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drew smith

After some time away, Drew Smith will be back performing @ MoMo’s in Austin, Texas every Wednesday night in August. (And I’ve been told the guests will be special). This includes an August 28th show for the venue’s nine-year anniversary.

Momo’s Club Austin, Texas

momos austin texas ninth

Aug 27-30th – Momo’s 9 Year Anniversary Show, Featuring:
Drew Smith’s Lonely Choir, T-Bird & the Breaks, Warren Hood, Dan Dyer, Suzanna Choffel, Wendy Colonna, Dustin Welch, Rachel Loy, Deadman, Kacy Crowley, James Hyland, Brian Keane, Matt Powell, Will Evans Project, Kalu James, Wisebird, Jeremy Nail, Dertybird, Sideshow Tragedy, Cause for Applause and more.

Visit Momo’s for more info.


Drew Smith – NYC Song

What Will Peaches Teach Us Tonight?
Thursday June 11th 2009, 4:17 pm
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peaches live concert(photo by Kmeron)

Peaches and her opener Drums of Death will play a SOLD OUT show to an anxious crowd at Emo’s tonight (June 11th, 2009).

UPDATE- The Peaches show was canceled (the plane couldn’t land in Austin). More details to come about the reschedule date…

So far, everyone I have asked the question “Have you ever heard of Peaches?” to has answered my question with a question of their own:
1. No. Are they new?
2. Oh my god, are you kidding? I own all of her albums and I have seen her live 3 times!!!

For those of you that don’t know of the wonder that is “Peaches“, two lines from her Wikipedia page give a delightful summary of the artist: “Peaches is an electronica musician whose songs are notable for use of explicitly sexual lyrics but in a sort of 3rd wave feminist kind of vein. She plays her own instruments for her songs, programs her own electronic beats, and produces her own albums.”

Like Madonna:
Peaches has a large gay male following (when I hear the word “peaches”, whether in reference to the fruit or the artist, an image flashes in my head of my gay male (dancer) friend giving his own rendition of a Peaches video to the opening line of “F*** the Pain Away” …as I shyly “raise the roof” in my own attempt at dancing).
Unlike Madonna:
Peaches has a large feminist punk girl following, who are a hell of a lot cooler than Madonna fans.

My questions for this evening are as follows:
1. Will Peaches follow tradition and spit a mouthful of venue-provided bottled water into a happy-to-have-Peaches-saliva-on-them crowd (as seen in the pic above)?
2. Will Peaches endrogenously dangle the mic between her legs during the intro to “Boys Wanna Be Her” (as seen in the vid below)?
3. Will Peaches reiterate the recent confirmations that “she’s still got it!” after all these years? (I’m predicting that this answer will be a definitive “yes!”)

(More to come after the show… If you’re heading that way tonight, don’t forget to catch the opening act Drums of Death. I’ve heard good things.)

Peaches – Boys Wanna Be Her
from Impeach My Bush, 2006

Peaches – Talk to Me
from I Feel Cream, 2009

Wiretree – Big Coat
Monday February 16th 2009, 10:06 pm
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wiretree austin

Wiretree – Big Coat from Bouldin, 2009

Upcoming Austin,Texas shows:
2/17/09- Mohawk w/ Leatherbag and Tribella
3/17/09- SXSW Week – Day Party – Chain Drive
3/19/09- SXSW Week – Day Party – W3ll People

The Appleseed Cast Interview
Tuesday February 03rd 2009, 9:23 pm
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The Appleseed Cast MySpace
The Appleseed Cast Wikipedia

I recently sat down for a cup of chai tea w/soy, with the talented Aaron Pillar of “The Appleseed Cast“. We discussed emo, Sagamartha and what a beautiful home he has! His pet ball python took quite a liking to me…xoxo…and his collection of miniature spoons was impressive. Ok, so I’m full of shit and if any of you hipsters know enough about the present and future of indie music, it’s all about the internets, baby. But these guys were kicking it before the MySpace and the Facebook. Their music rocks, and if you have any plans other than Mohawk on Saturday night, cancel them. BTW-You can tell a great deal about someone through the amount of ellipses they use…

Austinites can checkout The Appleseed Cast this Saturday, February 7th at Mohawk with True Widow and Calm Blue Sea (outside, starting @ 9:00pm).

(In addition to the ellipsis, also take note on the lack of quotes in most of Pillar’s typed words. He’s very straight to the point and wastes no time with the petty use of proper punctuation.)


Stacie: You guys were putting out albums before “emo” was an everyday term. How would you define emo when you were just getting into the music scene?
Aaron: It was certainly different I guess, for me the reason I started playing in this “scene” was access. I saw house shows and bad equipment but people having a good time, and you didn’t have to be an amazing player either..I guess it was easy to love it, easy to be a part of…

Stacie: How would you define emo in today’s environment? (bonus points for including the words “eyeliner” and “girl pants”)
Aaron: Tight pants are ok if you can pull it off, but eyeliner is lame…Emo is a selling point plain and simple…its money always about the money..

Stacie: If you were to die tomorrow (sorry if I jinx you in any way), and you could only be remembered for one song, what would it be? (and why?)

(Head over to Transmission Entertainment to read The Appleseed Cast Interview in full.)


The Appleseed Cast – Steps and Numbers from Low Level Owl, Vol. 1, 2001
The Appleseed Cast – Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary from Two Conversations, 2003
The Appleseed Cast – As The Little Things Go from Sagarmatha, 2009