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Cat Power – Stubb’s, April 20th – Austin. Rescheduled for October 11th.
Friday April 18th 2008, 12:35 pm
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The April 20th Cat Power show at Stubb’s in Austin has been rescheduled for October 11th due to Chan’s damaged vocal chords.

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Chan canceled a tour in 2006 as well, for health issues of a different sort. Following the release of The Greatest, Chan’s alcohol abuse and suicidal tendencies led to her admittance to a psychiatric ward in Miami. She gave her first interview about the incident to Spin that same year where she is quoted as saying, “When you’re that depressed, it’s not even “depressed” anymore. You’ve just given up.” Instead of giving up, she cleaned up her act both figuratively, and literally speaking. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her sober chain-smoking performance from a front row spot in 2007, which leads me to be more distraught over not getting to repeat this action sooner. The October show is one you don’t want to miss, so get your tickets at Stubb’s before it sells out.

Some info on the condition that caused the cancellation from the Cat Power site: “Chan’s voice never really seems to get a rest because even when she’s not on tour she has to do interviews, people are talking to her, she’s singing and making up songs, talking and singing to her dog/friends/whoever. When her voice starts to go it kinda gets raspy/whispery and quiet. It’s no way to do a show. So if you wait till October, use your same ticket (if it’s in the U.S), and see/hear a better show.”

Checkout the fan made video for “The Greatest” below. The footage coupled with the lyrics to the song are brilliant. That’s my opinion anyways…most of the youtubed comments call it “weird”.
Cat Power – The Greatest
from The Greatest, 2006
(Fan made video)

Cat Power – I Don’t Blame You
from You Are Free, 2003
(Fan made video honoring Kurt Cobain)

From Wikipedia, “Some have speculated that (I Don’t Blame You) was written about Kurt Cobain. Although this has never been confirmed or denied, she did, however, sadly discuss Cobain’s 1994 suicide in an interview with Nylon Magazine, saying she would deal with fame the same way he did.” (Nirvana’s former drummer, Dave Grohl, played drums on Chan’s “You Are Free” album. Coincidence? Maybe not.)

Other Cat Power favorites:
Cat Power – He War
Cat Power – Cross Bones Style
Cat Power – Lived In Bars
Cat Power – Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
Cat Power-Where Is My Love?

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