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Caribou with Fuck Buttons – Emo’s, April 27th – Austin
Friday April 25th 2008, 4:41 pm
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Playing Emo’s, April 27th in Austin with Fuck Buttons.

AFTER THE EMO’S SHOW: CARIBOU-Nothing I’d heard or read pre-concert prepared me for the drumming. DRUMS, DRUMS, DRUMS. They opened with an amazing version of Sundialing and never lost the beat. Snaith and the percussionist battled it out throughout the set and when you saw each hold a single stick in the air, you knew it was about to get better. The drummer sits on the front right of the stage, which is fitting since he sets the rhythm for the show. Most drummers do, but this was different. The light show was a trip and the rainbows came out when the bells were played. Amazing live show, one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. FUCK BUTTONS-Andrew Hung from Fuck Buttons blocked my view partially mid-set to throw some air punches to the beat of Caribou’s songs. I didn’t mind. Their show was out of this planet earth as well. With laptops on each side, it looked like Fuck Button’s Hung and Power were playing an elaborate game of electronic battleship with one another. One that made an amazing sound.

First Song of the Set: Caribou – Sundialing Lyrics
Of pictures and of promises, an arrow drawn in time. That’s pointing to me standing here with your words on my mind. And every night I dream of you, while lying in my bed. And ever since I was a boy, keeps running through my head. Promises, promises, promises, promises. And when we meet, my mind is making promises of you. And when you go, I know, you know, it breaks my heart in two.

caribo austin concert
If you google “Caribou band”, the first thing you’ll see is the same line that is repeated in most articles about the group, “Snaith is quoted as saying that he chose the name “Caribou” while on an LSD trip”. Their music is quite a trip and if you checkout a real Caribou, their horn/body ratio is something that one may expect to see under some sort of influence. LSD is probably the most widely known psychedelic, and Caribou is of the psychedelic genre, but the fact that Caribou’s Snaith has a Ph.D. in mathematics is a bigger trip. I’m assuming the drug-induced name has deterred others from focusing on this tidbit.

To further the love for Caribou’s psychedelic trips and music, their live shows are said to have the power to take the audience back in a time when rainbows ruled the earth. Their live performances have been described as “mind-blowing”, “captivating” and “intense”. Via a piece taken from the New York post: “With swirling rainbows of colors projected over them, Caribou took the audience on a trip to the 60s. Apparently, the band’s name came to Snaith while on an LSD trip in Canada, and the tight mix of psychedelic pop with krautrock played by Caribou certainly fit with the color projections to make for a trippy experience. Every time the overuse of pre-recorded music started to be a let down, the band took things to a higher level to totally redeem themselves. Snaith, who plays everything on record, switched back and forth between guitar, keyboards and drums flawlessly, even occasionally playing the recorder.”

This is a must see, so be there with bell bottoms on. If we’re going to the 60′s to “trip out”, we may as well dress for the occasion.

    Caribou Official Videos / aka Most Popular Songs:

Caribou – She’s The One
Caribou – Melody Day
Caribou – Yeti
Caribou – Skunks

My personal favorite: Caribou – Sundialing
from Andorra, 2007

Added Bonus Opener: Fuck Buttons!
Fuck Buttons MySpace
Fuck Buttons Wikipedia
Fuck Buttons Website ( <- Checkout their site, it’s a trip too.)

Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow
from Bright Tomorrow, 2007

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