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Bongwater – Psychedelic Sewing Room
Wednesday June 25th 2008, 11:47 pm
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Bongwater Wikipedia

bongwater too much sleep album

What’s the oddest song in your playlist today? Bongwater, an indie band formed in 1985, released four albums and a debut EP before breaking up seven years later over financial issues. The band consists of Ann Manuson, a performance artist, nightclub performer and actress most known for her role in the 1985 film “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and Mark Kramar, a member of an assortment of bands including Butthole Surfers and Ween, also having produced several artists such as Galaxie 500, Low, GWAR, and Daniel Johnston under his now bankrupt Shimmy-Disc label.

Psychedelic Sewing Room is a trippy tune with spoken word that tells a peculiar story of corporate imagery, betrayed business partners, and a tiny female reincarnation of Christ (making for an appropriately titled song…and band name). The first time I listened to this track, it brought to mind the spoken word of Miho Hatari (from Cibo Matto) in Handsome Boy Modeling School’s “Metaphysical”, another far out track that’s worth a listen.

Bongwater – Psychedelic Sewing Room
from Too Much Sleep, 1989

Bongwater – Psychedelic Sewing Room Lyrics (starting at 2:47)
In the psychedelic sewing room.
One side of the room is filled with Disney icons.
Donald Ducks, Mickey t-shirts, Peter Pan figurines…
All with the official Disney tag of approval hanging from them.

The other side of the room sells expensive jewelry.
Watches, pearls, gold chains, rings.

I pick up two miniature leather wallets that open up in several sections.
Embossed in gold on the front are two men’s names,
linked together in corporate matrimony.
They are partners in a very high powered (?) conglomerate and I am told by the salesman that they have been buddies since childhood.
They loved each other like brothers.
The brothers they never had.
Except recently there has been financial trouble within the firm and each are accusing the other of double crossing them.
Bringing ruin upon the business.
So each man has had the other wallet engraved with insults.
Etched into the expensive leather:
To John, a two-timing scum bag.
To Bill, the viper.

On one of the display cases sits a (?).
A low shallow basin tech container designed for Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.
The (?) is filled with water and inside is a tiny women dressed in a brown Monk’s rob.
She tells us that she is the second incarnation of Christ.
She is furiously scrubbing a pair of natural ceramic feet with a wire brush.
The vigorous brushing turns the feet to brilliant shimmering brass.
As she brushes she begins to disappear, and she and the feet dissolve into thin air.
The water in the (?) slowly turns bloody.
The water soon becomes pink and two roses appear.
Everyone looks at the roses and they begin to cry….

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