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Arthur Russell – 3 mp3s
Thursday November 20th 2008, 9:04 pm
Filed under: Old Favorites

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arthur russell this is how we walk on the moon

“Russell was prolific, but was also notorious for leaving songs unfinished and continually revising his music. Ernie Brooks said that Russell “never arrived at a completed version of anything,” while Peter Gordon stated, “his quest wasn’t really to do a finished product but more to do with exploring his different ways of working musically.” He left behind more than 1,000 tapes when he died, 40 of them different mixes of one song.” -(via)

Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk on the Moon from Another Thought, 1994
I’m so far away. One moment there. One moment there. Moving me up. Every step is moving me up. One moment there. One tiny, tiny move. It’s all I need… and I jump over.

Arthur Russell – A Little Lost from The World of Arthur Russell, 2004
Cause I’m so busy, so busy thinking about, kissing you. Now I want to do that without entertaining, another thought. I’m so unfinished. Our love affair. A voice in me is telling me to, run away.

Arthur Russell – All-Boy All-Girl from World of Echo, 2006
Kiss at the door. At the same time that they were letting go, they weren’t the same. And now they’re taking off…


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